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YumYum Thai Restaurant – Stoke Newington, London by Miss A Rahman

[quote]…the grilled beef salad as it was very zestful and the meat complimented the salad brilliantly.[/quote]

I was already wowed by the exterior decor of YumYum’s, due to the fairy lights streaming down the luxurious building and a very traditional looking court yard helping bring in the south Asian mood. So when upon entering it I was further impressed by the Thai decor and the relaxing atmosphere that welcomed us.

My family and I were seated at a small platform, which from a distance seemed as though we were casually sitting on the ground with our legs crossed, when in fact the tables had leg room underneath, making a chair like position for us to sit in. Personally I found that very impressing and clever however is was slightly troublesome to climb into.

yumyum1For starters we ordered two large sea food platters which had a variety of edible flowers and fish orientated foods such as crab cakes and salmon roles tied in seaweed, but mostly consisting of prawns which were a delight to eat whilst waiting for our main course. We were also given some sweet chilli sauce and peanut sauce that tasted wonderful with the starters.

Soon after we had finished our starters we were promptly served our main course meals which consisted of stir-fried chicken seasoned with garlic, onions & peppers; a lamb peanut butter curry stewed with pumpkin & potatoes; Thai green curry cooked with king prawns, coconut milk and fresh Thai herbs; quick fried spinach with yellow bean; 2 servings of coconut rice and to finish it off a Thai salad that consisted of slices of grilled beef with spicy hot chill and onions which were drizzled in lime juice.

And it all tasted as good as it sounds.

yumyum2Personally the two dishes I enjoyed the most was the quick fried spinach with yellow bean. The spinach was perfect, not too salty and tasted wonderful along with the coconut rice. The spinach was also not very soggy and was cooked to perfection. The second dish that had me drooling was the grilled beef salad as it was very zestful and the meat complimented the salad brilliantly. It was great to eat alone and with other dishes. The lime juice made the beef succulent and added a pleasant tang to the salad. It was safe to say that I was very content with my dinner.

Finally to top off our evening (even though we were completely stuffed) we ordered a chocolate fondant which came with a side of vanilla ice cream. The fondant had a rich taste and had a nice gooey core which easily oozed out once the spoon had dug in, and as soon as you had one spoonful you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself.

But it was not only the food that kept up the good mood but also the service, as very friendly waitresses who catered to all our needs.

The only down side I would say about my experience was the seating, which was quite a struggle to get into (and out, especially when finding it difficult to move by being so full) but overall it was quite a unique way to have dinner and I would honestly love to go back.

YumYum Thai Restaurant

187 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 0LH

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