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Wing’s Buffet – East India Dock Road, London

We are greeted at the front door by a Bengali man- the restaurant was far from the heaving place I can remember going in my youth. It’s dim, quiet and a darker, tacky décor with layers of grease made it a more cluttered smaller place from the hubbub of excitement from the room which once heaved with excited, hungry customers eating as much as they liked while the on looking  staff watching with eagle eyes .

We were informed Wing’s became halal hence both Mr Rahman and I decided to embark on all you can eat buffet.  On route we passed various different types of Chinese places but we were destined for only one place. Disappointed is an understatement. There was a lack of food, choice of food was limited, and the food was tasteless, looked awful, some dishes looked like they were cooked with the same gravy only had a different name to it, the fried foods were over fried or deep fried in cold or luke warm oil, some items dripping with oil while other items deep fried to a crunch which could take your teeth out. As a desert lover, I was bitterly disappointed with the selection or lack of selection. There was only stale fruit and cheap ice cream.

At £9.99 per person it was awful. First and last time I will be going to wings. The man informed us both they have the Chinese chefs working upstairs in the kitchen still, there was little evidence of authenticity in the food of that.

6-8 E India Dock Rd, London E14 6JJ

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