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The Meat Company – Shepard’s Bush, London

Peri Peri WingsThe Meat Company – Shepard’s Bush, London

I was first recommended to visit the Meat Company by a South African colleague a good few years ago; who claimed the steak was better than that of Gaucho and The Hawksmore. From my experience and travels I must say the South African’s know a thing or two about meat but this conversation was about to come to end as both the mentioned restaurants were not Halal, I took interest when he continued to say that The Meat Company served Halal meat.

My wife and I decided to pay a long overdue visit for our one year wedding anniversary; I had a light lunch on the day to make sure I had room from what awaited me. As you arrive in to the Meat Company you are greeted with a transparent cellar of wine bottles hanging on the wall . Something to keep in mind, the restaurant has Halal quarter if you wish to sit away from the hanging bottles. They also have a separate menu all together for Halal food and non-Halal food and have confirmed in the past of the separate kitchens .

Beef Ribs

We ordered the beef ribs and Peri Peri chicken wings for starters with some sparkling water. While we waited for the starters to arrive; we absorbed decor and ambiance of authentic African music in the background. We couldn’t help but notice the seats were starting to look a bit tired and a visit to the mix toilets led us to conclude a refurbishment was long overdue.

The starters arrived shortly after, the ribs looked smaller than what I remembered them to be, the wings were a healthy four full buffalo wings. Slowly cooked and amazingly tender, the beef ribs were perfectly cooked with a slight BBQ honey glaze on the outside with a hint of sweetness and mouth watering with each bite. The Peri Peri wings had a nice tangy taste and was cooked well, a similar taste to the one in Sahara Grill but not as spicy.

For mains, I ordered the 300 gram Wagyu Beef steak with chips cooked medium and my wife ordered the 200 gram New Yorker with chips also cooked medium.  I was looking forward to the Wagyu beef which was a breed of beef that is known for its marbling and tenderness as well as high Omega 3 and 6. The last time I tried it was in Malaysia, so this was definitely a treat.

Wagyu BeefBoth the mains arrived with an impressive presentation; the chips were huge and came in a grilled cylinder. The Wagyu beef had grill marks and was glazed with a sweet coat; it cut effortlessly, medium cooked with a slight pinkness in the middle. With every bite I took a moment to appreciate the meat, the effort and time taken to prepare and present this dish. We both finished off our steaks leaving just streaks on our plates where we cleaned up.

The meal was finished off with a chocolate fondant and pistachio ice cream which was a nice closure to a very well presented and perfectly cooked meal. The customer service was excellent; our waitress was attentive and very helpful.

Was this a meal worth waiting for once a year? I’m not sure, the downside with a visit is a meal for two at The Meat Company will set you back approximately £100, with exotic meats such as Wagyu beef and desert you are looking at the £130 mark. The steak was indeed very nice, but I could not justify the price. I have had steak in other restaurants before; this is by far the best Halal steak house I know of in London. If you skip the starters and just have mains it will set you back £30 to £40 per head, which is not a bad price considering the market rate for this type of restaurant.

Overall, great food, good ambiance and service, shame about the steep prices.

Address: Unit 1026, Westfield London Shopping Centre, Ariel Way, London W12 7GA
Phone:020 8749 5914
Meat and co

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