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The Gate – Angel, Islington by Umm Zayaniray

Fully vegetarian but serves alcohol. First vegetarian restaurant I have been to serving delicious mouthwatering created masterpeices. Food was phenomenal filling and really tasty.

We had starters, main and drooling deserts. Cost about £100 for three people with fizzy drink. Kitchen is fast partially viewable. Need to book very busy. Seated on wooden tables in a rustic theme.

For starter we had carciofini a artichoke filled with wild mushrooms, three onion tart and wasabi potato cake. Main we had root vegetable tagine, saffron ravioli and butternut rotolo, dessert was stem ginger sponge pudding that melted in the mouth the hot was tempered with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, maple syrup brûlée and chicolate and chestnut torte that was quite heavy to have at the end of the meal (still didn’t share)






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