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At Gourmet Hut Goodmayers

You may have heard of the Gourmet Hut, a little burger shack in the heart of East London tucked away between side streets. It’s one of those places you could easily miss, with it’s discreet understated shop front and cosy interior it doesn’t shout out “Come in! Check out our Burgers”.

It is in fact an East End favourite and gem for those fortunate enough to stumble upon it. Their burgers are classics, their menu’s simple and the staff extremely friendly. So how do you take this small local burger joint and expand it for others to enjoy? Well it seems taking your head chef, waiting stuff and managers to the new place is a good solution…. hopefully the first branch is not suffering.

Location is key, this the same to say for GHT 2 which we will refer to now. Minutes away from Goodmayers stations, it is easy to reach by public transport. However, if you are looking to visit by car, parking can be tricky but free after 1830. You have a similar theme from the GHT 1, colours, seating and walls are almost a carbon copy. Which isn’t a bad thing, maybe they could have gotten more creative? Forks on the cealing was entertaining, the cushioned seating could be a little too high children and firm for some.


The menu had certainly expanded, a lot more burgers with name such as “Honey I blew up the Chicken” and “I pulled it off” are memorable. Scanning through the menu, I returned to the classic – The Big Cheesy. Now I am going a make a bold statement here, burger shops have been popping up everywhere like a chicken shops of the nineties and naughties. You will have tried every manner of burgers, the question is how good is a classic cheese burger with fries? GHT has arguably nailed this for me, The Big Cheesy is made of a 6oz beef patty, a slice of tomato, grilled onions, gherkins and special burger sauce… thats it. Simple. The patty is not too lean, moist and smooth, the bread fluffy and fresh, the onions add the right amount of sweetness followed by a pickley gherkin crunch. It is that good! I would be confident that it would stand against any other gourmet burger and be up there as one of the best.


Now there are other items on the menu, we tried the “I pulled it off” burger, a beef patty with pulled beef drizzled with barbecue sauce which was similar but a little stringy and added some challenges keeping yourself neat. The hot dog I hear is good if you like that sort of thing, the fries were good also and not too salty. I have to say, forget the rest – Gourmet Hut is about the Big Cheesy! This is their signature burger and one that has moved further east with the same chef and crew that brought the classic to E1 now has it at IG3.

Overall, GHT 2 is a nice halal establishment to bring your family and friends to. The setup is very similar, their isn’t anything spectacular about the decor that sets them apart from others, of which there are many, which is not what they are about. The burgers are consistent, service is good and you will leave thinking “Is this the best cheese burger I have had? is this a classic?”.

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Address: 73-75 Goodmayes Rd, Dagenham, Ilford IG3 9UB

Open till 11PM

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