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The best halal kebab in London?

The White Horse Kebab House – 336 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 0AG

The humble kebab, often misunderstood, sometimes regarded as junk and mostly regarded as the unhealthiest thing to eat when you’re out and about in the town.  However much you detest the thought have having one, you know deep down you crave a dirty, greasy kebab every now and then.

It is the fabric of our society, the Chipie, the curry house, the local Chinese, followed by your local Turkish kebab shop. The other day I had one of those moments, one that I have once maybe twice a year. The cravings for a dirty kebab, one that will make me regret eating it after the last bite.

Now there are a few of these Turkish places around where I live or 15 minutes drive away. I dragged the Mrs Rahman out, left the baby with his uncle and gran and headed out for a fix. Traffic was heavy, stomach was rumbling and I knew my wife had no desire to join my quest but instead hitch a ride to check out the local saree shops.

We did a couple of laps and finally parked up next to Muscle Works, the guilt of walking past a gym full of health conscious muscle heads had no impact on me. I was having kebab today, nothing was stopping me. I arrived at White Horse Kebab.

Walking in I released it had been nearly 10 years since my last visit, the place had changed little but the brother behind the counter recognised my face. Either that or he mistook me for some other good looking brother that regularly visited for a doner kebab.

“One doner kebab, all the salad and portion of chips for the wife” I tell my kebab master. I watched as like pro he cuts slices of doner that had been freshly heated. I couldn’t wait to taste what was probably horse meat, cow’s guts and bits of the animal that are normally thrown away to waste.

The kebab was a decent portion, 50% consisted of salad; the rest was meat and nan. The chilli sauce was flavoursome, like salsa sauce, complemented my delicious meat sandwich perfectly. The meat was lean, or lean as a doner could be shall I say. I am not a connoisseur of doners, I have had my fair share of decent and terrible ones. This was certainly not one of them, very good flavour and quality.

The salad was fresh, drizzled with lemon juice and crunchy. After consuming half my meat portion, I turned my kebab into a role and finished my fixation for the year. As I did, I took moment to contemplate whether this was the best kebab in town. There was a sign and review inside stating they were rated within the top 5 kebab shops in London. I would probably agree, for a dirty doner kebab it was up there for me. I would even make the bold statement that maybe it wasn’t dirty at all, but a balance diet. After all 50% of my kebab was fresh salad, surely a little processed meat every now and then is not too bad for you.

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