OPSO – One of London’s best Greek restaurants

Winner of a Diner’s Choice Award and recommended as one of London’s best Greek restaurants by Timeout, there’s a reason this place is on my list of favourite restaurants.

I’ve visited OPSO for both brunch and dinner and have no complaints.

OPSO describes itself as “Inspired by traditional and contemporary Greek tastes” and says most of its high-quality ingredients come directly from Greece.

Disclaimer: It’s not cheap, nor are the portions huge, but for special occasions or when the craving hits you, I definitely think it’s worth it.


I discovered OPSO when looking for alternatives brunches online

There’s only so many vegetarian full English breakfasts and salmon and cream cheese bagels a girl can take.

So, on our first visit myself and my husband got Skordalya (Olive oil & garlic spread with toasted crumbled walnuts) with grilled sourdough bread to scoop it up.

When we ran out of sourdough we got their pitta bread.

The spread is full of flavour and the bread is home-made so, what else can I say?

I enjoyed this one so much that I ordered it the next time I visited.

You can check out their other yummy spreads bellow and their Instagram below:

We also ordered Maniatiki (Handmade village pasta, graviera cheese, brown butter, fried egg).

It was a first having pasta and egg together.

The homemade pasta was good and the flavour was nice.

I had no complaints with this one, but next time I’d order something else.

There are so many delicious sounding options on their brunch menu after all! (See here).

Brunch Dessert

Finally, as a sort of dessert we got Tsoureki (*Mastic flavoured brioche, homemade **Valrhona chocolate-praline spread).

*Mastic – the bushy evergreen Mediterranean tree which yields mastic and has aromatic leaves and fruit, closely related to the pistachio.

**Valrhona – a French premium chocolate manufacturer based in the small town of Tain-l’Hermitage in Hermitage

I will definitely order this again! (Maybe after trying their three other sweet brunch options).


You have to book in advance. You may have to book a few weeks before if you want to go on a Saturday. For us, we went on a Sunday and booked the day before.


When we went for dinner we ordered the Skordalya (Olive oil & garlic spread with toasted crumbled walnut) again.

We also got Lemon-Oregano Chicken (12 hours slow cooked drumstick, organic potato puree) and ‘Kleftiko’ Lamb (*Papillote style cooked lamb, roasted potatoes, peppers, feta).

*Papillote – a method of cooking in which the food is put into a folded pouch or parcel and then baked

I was a bit concerned about the chicken being cooked for 12 hours, but despite my concerns it wasn’t dry. It was really delicious and tender as was the lamb.

I would definitely order both again and am currently drooling thinking about them.

(Check out OPSO’s dinner menu here.)


Finally, for dessert (menu here) we got Greek knafe (Kataifi pastry, sweet cheese, pistachio ice-cream & crumble *available only on dinner menu)

I’ve had knafe at Lebanese restaurants before. In comparison, this has a lot less sugar syrup which was a positive for me. The crumble around tasted like white chocolate and there were some pistachios coated in it. The pistachio ice cream went really well with the knafe and I always welcome edible flowers!

All in all, I find the quality of food at OPSO is worth the prices.


I found the staff to be very friendly and the same woman served us twice and remembered us the second time, even though a few months had passed between our two visits.

Halal status

Our waitress confirmed that the meat they serve is halal.

They do, however, serve pork and alcohol.

You can book online here or over the phone at 020 7487 5088.

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