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Nabrasa – Earlsfield, London

Nabarsa is a long awaited treat for those of us meat lovers. Serving a selection of all you can eat meats, Brazilian style.

I heard about this place from a friend, who had been there a couple of times and took some mouth watering pictures. It was just a matter of time before I would gather the troops to pay a visit. We booked weeks in advance, took a train from Waterloo to Earlsfield arriving within 15 minutes. The restaurant is located minutes away from the station, we arrived at 7PM on a Friday, starving.

The manager greeted us in; we walked past the side dishes that looked fresh and delicious. Our table was located by the side of the BBQ chief. At this point we was slightly worried as other than us, there was only one other small group of guests. While we were seated the waiter advised us how Nabarsa worked. A CD labelled “Feed me” is placed on the table; the meat come rolling in until you decided to flip it over to “I Give up!”


This was my kind of place, before the conveyor belt of meat came in; we walked over to get our side dishes. The waiter advised us to go easy on the sides, there was so many, all of which must be tried. My favourites were the sweet potatoes, garlic rice and grilled chicken with lettuce. Returning back to our table we realised the restaurant had now completely packed out and the BBQ meats were getting ready for deployment.

The waiter came wielding a skewer and knife, first came the chicken fillets wrapped with turkey bacon, perfectly cooked, moist with a lovely BBQ taste. The lamb fillets followed, marinated with a sweet BBQ sauce of some sort and just the right size. Between three or four servings you are served with a refreshing treat, barbequed pineapple with sprinkles of cinnamon. The pineapple was a refreshing palate cleansing dish, which tasted great. I will be sure to try this at my own BBQs.

The Peri Peri Chicken thighs were perfect, barbequed, a hint of several different chillies and Naga I suspect. We stepped up on the spice from the side chilli sauce which was hot and flavoursome, a word of warning don’t underestimate the heat. We decided to try a Brazilian super fruit smoothie called Acai berry, which looked like a chocolate shake but tasted like a banana. The acids in the juice were ideal to help with the digestion of the meats.

The meat kept coming, the waiter offered to carve the beef steak the way you liked it. For those wanting well done, the waiter would crave the meat from the outside and medium rare from the inside. The meat was perfect, moist full of flavours and complemented the sides which we tried to stay off as it was filling us up fast. The Salt beef steak was another favourite, marinated in big chunky sea salt grains, in small portions tasted great.

Nabrasa sides

An hour into our meal, we had hit the wall, the meat wall! It was time to flip the CD. Nabarsa is a great place to take your gang, there is prayer facility, all you can eat meat and everything on offer was perfectly prepared. As a meat lover, there was too much red meat, a little more chicken or turkey would have been nice, especially if Mrs. Rahman was to join me.

The bill came to £27 a head, the all you can eat meal was on a special offer of £20 per head usually £30 per head. The manager advised us to look out for their Ramadan specials as we left or should I say rolled out.

After taking a detour walk home to try to burn some of the calories, you will find yourself tired of meat as I did. A few days on now, I recall the flavours and look forward to the next visit.


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