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Mint Leaf Restaurant and Bar – Haymarket, London

The presentation of the starters was lovely and it was evident we were in a high end Indian restaurant.

As you enter the underground plush Indian restaurant in central London, you cant help be confused if this is a high end club or a restaurant. The first thing you will notice is there is no phone network. This could be a good thing- cut yourself from your mobile and actually engage in a conversation or it could be the opposite- a pain, going up and making calls to check if babies are alright, husbands are alright and friends who are meant to join you for dinner know exactly where the restaurant is. The later was what dear friends were faced with as we sat to have dinner for a mutual friend’s birthday.

The restaurant was booked in advance and was promised to some friends, that they could set up the table for the birthday girl and was told on the day this was not to be the case.  However, the girls worked their magic and did what they did best, which wads be spontaneous and make things glam in a short space of time.

Ambiance was lovely, Saturday evening and it was heaving. Many birthday celebrations and family events taking place in the little veranda sheen style décor.

It was evident everyone wanted to have the same dishes and so it was recommended by the waiter to get a dish and share between two as opposed to buying individual meals. This worked out perfect and cost effective.

Starters; ranged from spring lamb chops- marinated overnight with spicy sauce with thick layer of yogurt. This was tasty, succulent meaty lamb chops. The chicken tikka was the same as you will get everywhere else but stood out different with the plum sauce and mint sauce which tasted refreshing which made the chicken tikka taste that extra plush. There was also red potatoes cakes- which included beetroot- though it looked like any other bodged up aloo chaat it was obviously going to taste with a different calibre of taste. There was scallops which was ordered-i was told it was alright. Scallops taste the same whichever way you cook it. The presentation of the starters was lovely and it was evident we were in a high end Indian restaurant.

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The mains arrived and most people ordered the same meal; meat boona and chicken jalfrezi, there was also accompaniments of king prawn curry and lentils.  To accompany the meal there was lashings of white rice and mixture of nans, which ranged from plain, garlic and nehari (coconut), the last was not everyone’s cup of tea as it made the curries taste sweet.

Meat curry- was by far the best dish, succulent, juicy, tender bits of meat cooked slowly and with an array of spices. This made it delicious and moreish.

Chicken jalfrezi- was delicious, tender bits of chicken cooked to perfection. Delicious and mouth watering with a hint of fresh tomatoes to make the chicken taste that extra tender.

Lentils- was delicious, it was taka daal which was cooked slowly so the shape of the lentils remained.

Prawns- were my second best spicy and wholesome with the spicy flavour however, the king prawns were rationed.

Overall a lovely evening, service was great, food was served impeccably, on time and with a smile.  This is a truly high end Indian and I wouldn’t go back in a rush unless it’s an event of some sort. The food was rich and layered with ghee. I don’t this place will be good for either your pocket or your artery. But overall, for a celebratory meal this was perfect venue and food was delicious.


Mint Leaf Restaurant & Bar
Suffolk Place
London SW1Y 4HX
T: 020 7930 9020

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