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Maedah Grill – Whitechapel

[quote]Overall it wasn’t too bad, much better than Efes but no where near Hazeve quality.[/quote]

My wife finally tricked me to go to Maedah Grill, she had been telling me how amazing it is for the last few months.

So here it is, less than hour after our visit, my fresh off out of the door review. I am going to try and keep it short.

I arrived late, just in time to sample the cooling down starters that my wife and sister in law had already ordered. The Lahmachun was okay, lacked flavour and was little over cooked on the edges. The hallomi cheese although cooled down by then was okay also, not too chewy. I’m probably not doing the starters any justice at this point due to my late arrival.

IMAG1070_1For the mains, I ordered a mixed grill on route and was served promptly on arrival. I must say it looked pretty good! lots of meat and lots of rice and salad, I looked over at my wife and sister in laws portions and new we may be taking food home in doggy bags.

The lamb adana was moist, not to fatty or greasy. I found a few bits of cartilage on two occasions while chewing on the mince. Overall it wasn’t too bad, much better than Efes but no where near Hazeve quality.

The two chicken shish pieces where big and chunky, they could’ve been a little more moist. I was hoping for the smokey grilled flavours that I was used to but was disappointed. The lamb shish was the highlight but not amazing, it was moist, it had flavour but too chewy.

I chowed down regardless, overall as a mixed grill it was okay, above average, but not as good as some other local places serving similar priced meals. It is popular restaurant and was very busy while we were there, my wife’s dish looked the same as mine pretty much but my sister in laws one dish looked like doner kebab with chilli sauce. Pretty sure she didn’t enjoy, it looked untouched by the end of our meal.

We finished our meal with a Banoffee pie and turkish coffee, what was I thinking?! it came out of the deep fridge with stodgy cream on top and base that I couldn’t determine whether it was caramel, toffee or merger of both with short bread.

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