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Las Iguanas – Stratford City Westfield

At first I didn’t know what to expect from this place, the other half mentioned it at our last visit to Westfield’s in Stratford. “Las Iguanas” she said, “I’m sorry” I replied, trying to figure out what she meant, iguana’s? “It’s halal by the way” she added. Totally confused, I tried to figure out why the wife would even consider the thought of eating a lizard or why she knew they were halal? Maybe another debate about halal foods was on the agenda or she was seeking a really strange appetite, but before I could bring up these strange topics, she pointed at the sign of the Mexican restaurant and implied that we should go there to eat one day.

Hmmm, I have to admit, I felt a little silly, but was equally intrigued about this place and what this Mexican halal food restaurant had to offer.

And Two Weeks Later…

Las Iguanas

As you walk to the upper levels of the food courts in Westfield, past the cinema and Jom  Makan, you will find Las Iguanas, a Mexican themed restaurant with a stylish decor. The seating area is decently spaced out within the premises with a mix of comfortable rounded sofa tables and square wooden tables placed near to each other. We decided to take the rounded sofa table, ideal for placing the shopping bags close by, whilst we ate. We were also advised that the lamb and chicken were halal on site.

As we had arrived during lunchtime, we decided to order from the special ‘streamlined’ lunch menu which promoted a buy one get one free offer on drinks. The special happy hour offer also included a selection of house specials for both starter and mains. The menu was quite interesting and had a selection of dishes with some very peculiar names such as The Cuban Revolution and the Blazing Bird.

We decided to go for the big burrito and hot habanero blazing bird for the mains and ordered the Chicken Quesadilla’s and wings in honey Peri Peri sauce for starters. Oh and not to forget, the lemon Mocktails to drink alongside. The drinks arrived within 5 minutes and the starters soon followed suit after another 7-8 minutes.

The spicy wings in glazed honey Peri Peri sauce were a treat, bursting with flavour with a nice kick of heat, not too overpowering. The Peri Peri sauce had a different taste to that of Nando’s, with a slight hint of extra tangy lime eminent in the taste. The Quesadilla’s, in their crispy tortilla form were also very nice, especially the delicious tomato salsa that was served with it, fresh and inspiring. Starters were very impressive, now the mains would only follow suit, it was a matter of… oh, and here they are!

The Big Burrito ordered by the other half was huge. A bulging parcel of goodness filled with home-made salsa, sour cream, guacamole, rice, spicy chicken, peppers, onions and cheese. Everything looked healthy and well presented on a nice salad bed and looked full of fillings. I was actually allowed to sample this from the wife although it looked almost too nice to share. It prevented me from having to steal a forkful when she was not looking.

As for myself, I had the luxury of tasting the “Blazing Bird” with fries, a tantalising Half Chicken from the flames as they would say. Spicy, mouth watering and tender, covered in a rich flavorsome sauce. You can choose to have one of three different types of sauces to accompany the dish, honey Peri Peri, spicy BBQ or “Vivo: Hot, Hot, very hot habanero”. I decided to choose the Vivo; it just had to be done. This sauce is definitely NOT for the faint hearted, but if you have ever eaten the “African Naga” before, or the extra hot sauce at Nando’s and do not mind the heat, then this dish will be right up your street. The heat is not too overpowering and accompanied the dish very well which was very tasty.

We soon planned to leave after the food and discussions had come to an end. We both really enjoyed the food at Las Iguanas. The service was absolutely amazing and as for the price, it worked out on average about £15.00 per head. Would I go back again? Yes.

Two minutes away is another hidden treat, a place to pray and rest, just in time for Duhr.

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