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Mini Review: Grillz Base in Mile End Road, London E1

Mile End Road is a chicken lovers haven, every other shop unit on the road probably sells chicken. If you fancy trying something different Grillzbase may be worth a try. They claim to serve 100% chargrilled chicken which makes them unique from the others. I had visited Grillzbase a couple of times before but haven’t had a chance to write anything up until now.

The chargrilled wings and chicken is what brings me back, the chicken is tender, soft and smokey. With every bite the chicken comes off the bone, there is almost a fishy salty taste also, which may not sound appetising but is somewhat addictive. As for there rest of the menu we tried the jerk lamb chops today and the chicken burger. The lamb chops had an Asian twist to it with grilled onions on top and a gravy coating, the meat was over cooked and tough. I wouldn’t recommend it. The chicken burger was a mess that was ¬†grilled not chargrilled, slightly burnt and could have done with coming off the grill a good few minutes earlier.

The main downside to our visit today was the customer service, the brother that was serving us today was in the most foulest moods I have ever seen. He was almost barking at the customers and grunting as he served and plated up. There was hardly anyone in the restaurant when we visited, I had the right mind to ask the brother what turned him into the Grinch today. In the past the usual brother that served us was humble and warming, I assumed he was the owner but he was not there today. Not sure if GrillzBase is under new management, that brother needs to buckle up before they start losing customers.

Other than the customer service, the decor, hygiene and food is not too bad. I do like the Chargrilled chicken and will come back again but probably not anytime soon. That brother was bringing gloom and doom to my whole evening, cheer up fella!

As a mini review I will give GrillzBase a 3/5*

*Note they only take cash

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