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Exmouth Coffee Company – Whitechapel by Ms R Begum

[quote]…succulent sandwiches and cakes rested on a wooden counter waiting to tempt passers by…[/quote]

Strolling through Brick Lane I decided to take a visit into Exmouth coffee company after having read the reviews on Halal Eat Out.

There is no sign on this shop nor is there any posters stuck on the windows like many of the other shops in Aldgate so the only way one is enticed into the shop is by the display of colourful, fresh ,succulent sandwiches and cakes rested on a wooden counter waiting to tempt passers by.

I walked in and was greeted by a warm welcoming smile, I took my time in choosing what I wanted as I couldn’t decide straight away if I should go for the veggie or meat option. In the end I decided to go for the tender chicken flat bread served with a side of baby potatoes and green beans.

The potatoes were nice and brown drizzled lightly with olive oil and seasoned well with sea salt and pepper, I’m not the biggest fan of green beans but I ate more than I expected.

The ingredients in the chicken flat bread were fresh, the bright colours of tomatoes, cheese and spinach were peeking through, the bread was nice and warm which allowed the cheese to melt slowly.

While enjoying my my lunch I could see the staff were stocking up the quiches an sandwiches that were being brought by busy workers on their lunch breaks who were being served quickly, tourists stopping at the window taking pictures of the cakes on display, people walking past in a hurry looking at the cakes.

The taste, texture and presentation of the food was good enough for me but a bit pricey. However, you get  what you pay for.

I will definitely come back again to try out the freshly baked cakes.


Exmouth Coffee Company

83 Whitechapel High Street, London, England


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